Pedro Rodrigues dos Santos

Head of Operations

E-commerce & Digital Strategist, passionate Entrepreneur and Consultant for several national and international corporations over the last 20 years. Currently advising companies on Marketing and Ecommerce / Digital projects and Heading Operations at

Pedro led several innovative digital marketing projects based in Portugal in the field of Augmented Reality, mobile Apps and online trade platforms.

Recently he has been involved in the setup and management of ECommerce operations at several multinational companies with international scope, with special focus on the Chinese market.

Bao Hong

Experienced Chinese Entrepreneur

Experienced Chinese Entrepreneur with strong business ties and local teams in China.

An in-depth connoisseur of the Chinese Business culture, Bao has a proven track record in the over the last 20 years in cross border commerce with China, managing several companies in the fields of Trading, Import&Export, Real Estate, Tourism and Media.

Alberto Carvalho Neto

China Business Expert

With over a decade of professional experience as international business consultant between China and Portuguese speaking countries Alberto is currently Overseas Director and Board Member for Portugal of the BEWG Group responsible for new business development in Europe and African Countries.

Alberto holds several high level institutional positions in international business associations dealing with China and is an expert in import / export trading with China.

Fernando Pereira

President of Grow uP eSports
Fernando is the President of Grow uP eSports, a multinational organization that is developing and promoting esports activities, creating leagues and tournaments that unite existing communities of console, computer and mobile gaming enthusiasts, as well as establishing platforms that delivers social experiences to the millennials generation using this new form of entertainment.

Besides his passion for esports, Fernando is an award-winning entrepreneur who currently serves as the Operations Director for Virtualmente – a creative studio based in Portugal and Macau that focuses on web technologies, with the primary goal of helping build modern brands by creating IT interfaces that empower businesses to grow.

Michael Lee

Asian Entrepreneurs Alliance / World Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs

Nomadic entrepreneur with a diverse national and international outreach, constantly inspired and motivated by empowering people to achieve their dreams and mobilizing people to develop global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Strong background in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership & globalization. Widely considered a global expert and speaker in entrepreneurship development and growth.

Derio Chan

President China Europe Business Association
Derio Chan possesses extensive experience in global business including strategic development, trade and venture finance, eCommerce and supply chain transformation. A believer of market economy.

A futuristic proposer in information technology to strengthen impact in competition. A strategic thinker and influencer and also a mentor to several international business organisations.